Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday night's race

Last night was fun.It has been quite some time i haven't joined my friends merempit.Last night,the place where all the mat rempit used to gather has been rushed.At first i didn't notice it but suddenly everyone was kinda rushing tried to get out of the place.So we started the engine and ran away.Unfortunately the traffic light was red and the road ahead of us was full of cars crossing the road.Damn! we have to stop and the police's jeep took over and blocking us.I was sitting at the back that time so i asked my friend to quickly u-turn and get the hell out of there.We managed to escaped ,when i looked at the back i saw the officer was kicking one of my friend's motobike but he was quick enough to escape and follow me.So i thoroughly laughed and showed my mid finger to the police.Haha i was so unlucky when i reached the next traffic light.I thought the jeep has already given up on us.Once we stop i saw them at the back still trying to get us.Fuck! Then we turned left and made a u-turn and i smiled to them.Haha well i really love teasing them.But they just won't give up.Now their only target was me and my friend.Shit! only two of us now.The rest were managed to escape.By that time i was scared to death.The jeep kept chasing and after us.It was a fun race with those suckers around the town for about 10 mins.I know by that time if we get caught they gonna beat us into pieces.But there's no way those faggots can get us.hahaha finally they went to the wrong way.It was good race with the police last night.I love it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me/Jia Ming vs Zhi lun/Syh Jun (Badminton)

No more hostel

The new semester is just started.I can feel that it's gonna be another hell of a semester.This time, i'm no longer staying at the student's apartment.I've moved to Condo at Sg Ramal Baru somewhere near Kajang town.Its about 10 minutes driving from Uniten.The rent is Rm550 per month.It's kinda cheap because 5 persons live here.Therefore the total amount per month is Rm110 for each person.Those guys are the same people who live with me at hostel last sem.

Welcome to our house
This is the kitchen.Baru lepas cuci kaw kaw.Memang kotor gile!

1 toilet & 1 bathroom in the kitchen

This is our living room which is not complete yet.Chek Liang is sleeping on the sofa.

This is the room that i share with Chek Liang

The toilet inside my bedroom.Toilet ni telah dicuci oleh Chek Liang since he's a toilet specialist! haha

Azri is there

You can see that they all love my room

Enjoy sleeping in my new house