Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My 24th birthday

April 5th 2012 was my 24th birthday, i am still very young. Life begins at 40 isnt it? ;p My sakinah bought me a few lovely presents she hid everything in her car, well i know she put a lot of effort in it and i really love all of them. For my birthday celebration we went to Nando's and Secret Recipe in one night, had my stomach full of "good" foods that night. The home-made birthday card she made for me was simply melting my heart. I love her to bits

This year my birthday was the best because i had Aisyah and Imran at home. They just got back from England. I consider them as my birthday presents as well, i love them so much. Aisyah gave a me birthday present, she "cleaned" up my room and said suprise! the truth is she messed up my bed and everything. But to her the room was pretty and she managed everything in her own way. Well i take that as a present. Well you know we dont say no to a gift from a child. Thank you Sakinah for everything