Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Badminton or studies?

I'm in dilemma. Badminton is just a game & studies should be my priority. Today for the 1st time after 2 months, i went training with the others. I was told that if i dont come constantly every week, the captain will drop me from competitions. The next competition should be next month in UCSI and another one is in MMU Cyberjaya.
Its not that i dont want to come for training, its just that i'm too busy. The training is on Monday and i'm having quiz on every Tuesday. I definitely need to study! I've learned from the past, everytime i went out playing badminton i felt exhausted and slept right after.
You guys might suggest me to study earlier, maybe during the weekend. No, Hell no! i know myself very well. I couldnt..i just cant..Im busy with Tech Comm...RC...project management..Too busy to play badminton. I'm considering to stop playing competitively..maybe just for fun..but its a big loss..i'll only have one and half year before graduating..so what should i do?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I almost forgotten my Blog

Hi dear friends, i've been busy lately. I have no time to spend for my blog. Just a few updates, i'm currently in the middle of semester and semester break would be on 6th september. I just finished a few of my mid term tests but i had another one after raya which is Structure steel design.

This semester i suddnely studying pretty hard, i mean not really hard but harder than previous semesters. Why? Coz i suddenly realised that, in one year time i'ma be a civil engineer insyaallah but my knowledge about Civil engineering is too narrow. By this time i should be able to do structure analysis with one eye but unfortunately im still crawling. I cant imagine what would it be like, if i were in the real working environment. I am totally DOOM!

Another update is..i'm still in love with Sakinah...hahahas everyday i love her more...and she loves me too dats the most important..the rest...i dont give a damn

okay i guess thats all...bye2