Saturday, May 29, 2010

My most fav photo at York

This is the side view of York Minster building. York Minster is a Gothic cathedral in York, England and is one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe alongside Cologne Cathedral. The Minster is the seat of the Archbishop of York, the second-highest office of the Church of England, and is run by a Dean and Chapter under the Dean of York.

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York, simply beautiful

We just got back from York, a walled city, situated at the confluence of the Rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire, England. The city has a rich heritage and has provided the backdrop to major political events throughout much of its two millennia of existence.

We spent 2days 1 night, one the 1st day we arrived at 7pm. I went out alone exploring the city until midnight to do some night photography around the Historical city of York. Well, York wasnt dissapointing at all. I simply love it. The town wasnt crowded and the atmosphere was lovely. Of course late night you can find plenty of drunk people all over the town that is typical european night life. But the cops were all over the place so i wasnt worried too much bout that.

On the 2nd day we all went to Jorvik Centre. Its a place where you can find out more about the history of The Viking. Basically York known as Jorvik in Viking language was one of the Viking Invasion long ago. The place was pretty cool, some of you might find the place is quite boring but to me its good to know how those people live, who were they and why they invaded England.

Again thanks to Kak ngah and abe ga for the trip..I simply love York!

28hb May

Last year on this date, was the 1st time i met Sakinah at Glasgow, Scotland. Our 1st meeting was, at the airport. I was looking for her and she was looking for me. From a distance, Sakinah & Raihan were jumping and waving when they saw me. God knows how i felt at that time. The feeling was indescribable.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bicester Village, Oxfordshire & City of bath

We just got back from 3 days trip to Oxford & Bath. 1st day we went to Oxford City. I heard people said there's nothing in Oxford compare to Cambridge. I am totally agree with them. So if you go to UK, forget Oxford, go to Cambridge instead.

Before going to Bath we dropped by at Stonehenge. The thing about Stonehenge is, its located about one hour++ from London. So if you'r travelling from London merely to see that bunch of freaking stone. I suggest you to just forget it. Unless you'r going to other places where Stonehenge is on the same way, drop by then. Make sure to bring your student card for discounts.

The historical city of Bath, if you go to UK. Visiting Bath is a must. Sometimes i wonder why when my friends come to UK, they wanna visit Manchester, Liverpool and so on. London is enough. The rest are almost the same. After all, they are all cities. Better go other places, with better landscapes and cityscapes. Like Bath, Isle of Skye or Inverness or Lake district or Snowdonia. These places are like heaven. You cant find it in Malaysia. I think people who visit London should take a bus and go to Bath, spend a night. Bath is awesome! The city was great!
Unfortunately we didnt have enough time to visit all the places in Bath. In fact, we just been to one place which is The Roman Bath. That's the only place we visited. What a loss. Someday im gonna visit Bath again, hopefully. For a "real trip" to Bath. hahaha i have a lot in mind. I wanted to see the royal crescent, prior park and the Pulteney bridge. Actually we did go to Pulteney Bridge but only for 5 mins. If there's next time, i would set up my tripod, and shoot a proper view of the bridge at night.

Thanks to Kak Ngah and Abe Ga..walaupun penat but going to Bath mmg berbaloi baloi..

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