Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When i was 12 i wish i were 18, but then when i was 18 i wish were in school again. I think that is fairly normal. All i can say that so far i had a good life. I just need to go out there looking for more experience in life. Because experience is what matter the most, not those written in the books.

Malaysia is boring

I am alone. Nobody's home. Everybody's going out to work. If i were in Notts at least Aisyah and Imran were next to me. bosan..suddenly my photography mood is turned off. Think i'ma need some inspiration. I think this year was the best i ever had in UK. I got the chance to see Imran 1st day at school. He was crying so badly, so did Aisyah bcos she saw Imran was crying. Sometimes at night i read them stories, playing puzzles, watching Tom& Jerry together. I simply love those two. My most memorable memory was fetching them from school everydays. I'll bring a stroller from home, when Imran saw me he was always like running to me. Or sometimes he's asleep while on the swing. Aisyah sometimes called me "Daddy,daddy,daddy" when she saw me coming. I dont know why maybe cos she saw her friends doing so. On the way home i will ask Aisyah to sing Twinke Twinkle Little Stars. After that i'ma sing Bob the builder for Imran together with Aisyah. Aisyah loves Iman so much. They always fight over something but when imran is not around Aisyah missess him. She's a good sister, everytime she saw Imrans crying she will quickly come to tell me that imran's crying. I'm feeling very sad to leave UK. These two wonderful kids really made my day everyday. Even when i been away to London for a few days i had already missing them so much. Im sure everyone is going to fall in love with these two. They are such a lovely sweet kids. Imran is soo manja. She slept with me almost every nights. I really wish they'r goin back at the end of this year. I'm dying to see them.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm home!

I had safely arrived in Malaysia today. Unlike last year, i didnt feel like going back. I wish i could stay with Aisyah and Imran. Aisyah nangis kat airport semalam. Die sedih takde uncle nak temankan die main, nak layan die. I really miss Nottingham. Tonight im gonna sleep alone without Imran. How sad..I miss Imran. Normally when i get bored i'll play with Iman and aisyah but here i am alone. I'm feeling sad knowing that i'm not gonna sending them to school anymore, cant see imran learns to talk,cannot play with them. Just pray that new sem will start soon so that i'll get myself busy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going back..

Last night when i packing my stuffs, suddenly aisyah came in and asked me, "Uncle nak pegi mane?". Then i replied "uncle nak balik umah wan". She turned sad and said "I want uncle i want Busu". She knw that im leaving and she said she wanna sleep with me last night. She kept saying "i love uncle i love Busu". Owh im gonna miss these two. Aisyah and Imran. Imran yg tersangat manja...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm going back next week

This photo is fake. I wasnt asleep

Just a little update bout myself, i'm going back to Malaysia next week. My flight will be on 27th scheduled to arrive on 28th.

Suddenly i dont feel like going back, i'm sure i'm gonna miss everything here. I feel sad to leave Aisyah and Imran, especially Imran he sleeps with me almost every night. I'm gonna miss his noisy sounds while he's asleep. I'm gonna miss to walk them to school, i'm gonna miss Imran running to me when he see me coming to fetch him from school. On the way back home we all sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little stars" together.

Aisyah is a big girl now, a little princess. She's very smart. She sometimes play "Cat and Dog" with Imran. That is funny! Imran will follow her from behind...

Friday, June 18, 2010

The glow of summer sky

Location: Longdale, Nottinghamshire

After a few weeks raining in Nottingham eventually the sun arrives today. This photo was taken at Longdale Strawberry farm located at outskirt of Nottingham. I dedicate this photo to everyone, enjoy the summer, enjoy the sun.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Okay, i've made another blogspot specifically for my photography.

Feel free to add me,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

London 11-13th June 10

I've been to London 3-4 times before this but this one was the best ever!
I met with my Uniten mates Mr Wui Jern Chew and Malcom Wee with another new friend studying in Soton, Mr ee How. We went to Trafalgar Square for World Cup 2010 opening, it was a coincidence actually. hehe

We stayed at Hyde Park Hostel which was located at Bayswater, Inverness Terrace. Trust me, that was the most horrible Hostel i've been at. The room was dirty, the bed and linen was brownish and on the 1st night, i didnt get a duvet. I was freezing to death!!

On the next day we went travelling all over London. The best part was, we went to London Bridge around 9pm. Spent our time around the bridge until 11.30. On the way back we'r all starving so we went to chicken cottage. Yum! yum! but! hehe there is but! once we get back to the tube station. The station was closed! the security told us to take bus no 27 to bayswater. Yeah thank god! we managed to get our bus. Only to find out at the end of the way, we'r heading towards a wrong direction! We took a 27 bus that going to the other direction. We waited at the wrong side of the bus stop. Hahahah

Ok we waited at Richmond bus station for about 20mins, we'll take our bus and safely reached Bayswater around 2am! we were all freaking tired! my legs were like soooo painful!

But it was worth it, i managed to capture some decent photos of Tower Bridge and Westminster Palace.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lake District National Park, Summer 2010

Date: 5/6/2010, Saturday

I joined a trip organized by Nottingham Malaysian Society to Lake District National Park, Cumbria. Participants only need to pay 25pounds for the whole day trip. We departed at East Drive, Nottingham University around 8am by bus. The trip was introduced to me by Asyraf when i met him at Nottingham Demonstration againts Israel a day before the trip.

We ride steam train to Lake District and then we took Lake Cruise for sightseeing around the Lake. Lake district is the largest National Park in United Kingdom. The view was superb! i always wanted to go to Lake District, since i came to UK last year i heard the place from my lovely Sakinah, even just for a day the trip was fun, i enjoyed my time with everyone especially Asyraf and Akmal. We share something in common, we'r camera freak! LOL

We wrapped everything around 10 and went back to Nottingham Arrived around 1.30 in the morning. I was damn tired, safely reached home and then "Pengsan"!!

Thanks to NMS for such a wonderful trip to Lake District. I'll never forget this memorable moment i had. But i've already missed home, especially Sakinah.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

4th June 2010, Nottingham against Zionis Demonstration

Today i went shopping at Sportsdirect. I finished everything around 4.30 and i headed to Old Market Square to join the demonstration against Israel. Not only muslims were joining in fact the organizers themselves among them were non-muslims. Approximately around 200 people had joined the demo.