Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Malaysia is boring

I am alone. Nobody's home. Everybody's going out to work. If i were in Notts at least Aisyah and Imran were next to me. bosan..suddenly my photography mood is turned off. Think i'ma need some inspiration. I think this year was the best i ever had in UK. I got the chance to see Imran 1st day at school. He was crying so badly, so did Aisyah bcos she saw Imran was crying. Sometimes at night i read them stories, playing puzzles, watching Tom& Jerry together. I simply love those two. My most memorable memory was fetching them from school everydays. I'll bring a stroller from home, when Imran saw me he was always like running to me. Or sometimes he's asleep while on the swing. Aisyah sometimes called me "Daddy,daddy,daddy" when she saw me coming. I dont know why maybe cos she saw her friends doing so. On the way home i will ask Aisyah to sing Twinke Twinkle Little Stars. After that i'ma sing Bob the builder for Imran together with Aisyah. Aisyah loves Iman so much. They always fight over something but when imran is not around Aisyah missess him. She's a good sister, everytime she saw Imrans crying she will quickly come to tell me that imran's crying. I'm feeling very sad to leave UK. These two wonderful kids really made my day everyday. Even when i been away to London for a few days i had already missing them so much. Im sure everyone is going to fall in love with these two. They are such a lovely sweet kids. Imran is soo manja. She slept with me almost every nights. I really wish they'r goin back at the end of this year. I'm dying to see them.

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