Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm going back next week

This photo is fake. I wasnt asleep

Just a little update bout myself, i'm going back to Malaysia next week. My flight will be on 27th scheduled to arrive on 28th.

Suddenly i dont feel like going back, i'm sure i'm gonna miss everything here. I feel sad to leave Aisyah and Imran, especially Imran he sleeps with me almost every night. I'm gonna miss his noisy sounds while he's asleep. I'm gonna miss to walk them to school, i'm gonna miss Imran running to me when he see me coming to fetch him from school. On the way back home we all sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little stars" together.

Aisyah is a big girl now, a little princess. She's very smart. She sometimes play "Cat and Dog" with Imran. That is funny! Imran will follow her from behind...


kina said...

your so sweet :)
im sure they will miss their uncle too, kesian iman nnt mst rindu sgt kt uncle dia..

kina said...

your so sweet :)
i'm sure they'r gonna miss their uncle.. kesian iman nnt mst rindu sgt kt uncle dia..

p/s get well soon..