Saturday, July 16, 2011

How i met my Sakinah. How i fallen in love with her (part 3)

Hello everyone! Wow, its been a while. For the past few months i didnt have mood to write anything in my blog but suddenly tonight the mood came.

Ok lets move on.
Sakinah was the best thing ever happened in my life. I felt like the door was open for me to enter her life. Before meeting her i was heartbroken, i couldnt forget someone i love and i waited for her for 4 years. I was living in fantasy. But suddenly someone with the name Sakinah, she opened up my heart. I didnt know why and how but it just happened. I bet you guys know how it feels like when you fall in love for someone, all the feelings came back to me and they made me ALIVE! I stalked her Friendster everyday! So, now i have her Friendster and YM. But i forgot to add her at Myspace.

As her number 1 stalker i added her at Myspace but what i found was really shocking and it broke my heart,
"Sakinah Omar is in a relationship."
In that moment i felt like i was the loneliest person on earth. The first thing i did was to see who was the guy. I read all the comments between them. They were sweets. So sweets that you might get a diabetes. So what happened to me was, I completely lost hope. All my fantasies about being with her gone. And i decided, not to keep in touch with her.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How i met my Sakinah. How i fallen in love with her (part 2)

Ok where did i stop? Hehe sorry for the long delay.

After Sakinah said "hi" to me for the first time in Friendster, i was wondering who she was and i hardly recalled when did i add her as my friend. I clicked on her profile and the first thing that attracted me was her paintings. I fell for her paintings straight away. I cant believe what i saw. I cant describe how adorable those paintings were. She was so small but what a big talent she had.

Since then, we started to reply comments almost everyday and this lasted for almost 2 weeks. From here i had the chance to get some information about her. She's living in Glasgow, her mother doing PhD in the UK, she has a big brother and a sister and she is an artist. I even said someday if i had a chance to visit Scotland, would she be my tour guide and she said Yes. But of course i was just asking i never even planned to visit Scotland.

Things were getting better between us, everyday i waited for her comments every time i opened my laptop the first thing i checked was my email, just to see if there is email "Sakinah Omar has sent you a comment". The truth was, every time i saw the email notification i couldn't help myself, my heart beating faster, i became nervous and can't wait to read them. Everyday, i looked at her Friendster profile, flipping through her photographs, and i realized, when i looked at those photos, i smiled.

(to be continued)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How i met my Sakinah. How i fallen in love with her (part 1)

I think a year ago i did mention about telling story about how i met Sakinah. But i didnt coz i was too busy. You might wanna say who cares about how i met her who the hell i am rite? Im not a celebrity or what. If you think so just stop reading okay coz im writing this to tell some of you guys that wanna read this, that long distance relationship is actually possible! For your info Sakinah is from Glasgow, Scotland but she is a Malaysian just like us. This is a very long story so i will write in part by part. Keep reading friends!

Lets begin the story. The relationship between me and Sakinah is all thanks to Naruto and Friendster! YES! The anime series from Japan, Naruto! and the social network Friendster!

Approximately 3 years ago Sakinah added me at Friendster. We didnt know each other. In that time i was so young and too friendly and OF COURSE when a girl sent me a friend request, i would approve! Who wouldnt? LOL But we didnt communicate to each other at all. No comment, no private message. No nothing. For your information i had almost 1500 friends in my list, more than 50% of them were strangers! therefore its normal not to talk to her coz she's a stranger as well.

Until after a year, one day Sakinah sent me a comment, she wrote " Hi Aries (my nickname was Aries back then) you have been in my friend list for ages but we never really been contacted each other. I adore the photo of your background profile. The drawing is fantastic".
The background photo that she mentioned was NARUTO! Millions of thanks to Naruto, she dropped by and said hello to me.

So that is how it all started. Friendster and Naruto.

(To be continued)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Growing and growing

Time flies..without realizing that i only have one more semester left before graduating. Suddenly i miss everything about Uniten. Even i'm still here but seriously i miss all the sweets and sours that i've been through since the first day i stood my feet on Uniten soil. Before coming Uniten before pursuing my degree, i felt like i didnt want to study, 4 years seen to be too long but now its different, i wish i could go back to time when i just began my degree. Im old now. This year im going to be 23. I mean relatively old if i compare with my juniors. I wish i were 18 again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A bad bf

I never been a good bf..not even once..

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Tadi aku marah lagi..geram..hal kecik pun aku geram...


Tadi aku marah lagi..geram..hal kecik pun aku geram...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Im tired

Recently im soo tired...with all the works at Uni..all the fights with her..i easily get mad over small tired..seriously tired

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad 2011

A bad start for 2011, My laptop and hand phone are both faulty. They aint completely malfunctioned but something wrong with both the phone's screen and laptop's monitor. Its just a matter of time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Every time before i sleep, i keep regretting how i've done her wrong. I mistreated her. I made her cried several times. The 1st time i did, i've made a promise that she'll cry no more. But now she had cried countless times. You know me, i can be a bit rude sometimes. Im not romantic. I am natural-born insolent and so ignorance.