Sunday, April 10, 2011

How i met my Sakinah. How i fallen in love with her (part 1)

I think a year ago i did mention about telling story about how i met Sakinah. But i didnt coz i was too busy. You might wanna say who cares about how i met her who the hell i am rite? Im not a celebrity or what. If you think so just stop reading okay coz im writing this to tell some of you guys that wanna read this, that long distance relationship is actually possible! For your info Sakinah is from Glasgow, Scotland but she is a Malaysian just like us. This is a very long story so i will write in part by part. Keep reading friends!

Lets begin the story. The relationship between me and Sakinah is all thanks to Naruto and Friendster! YES! The anime series from Japan, Naruto! and the social network Friendster!

Approximately 3 years ago Sakinah added me at Friendster. We didnt know each other. In that time i was so young and too friendly and OF COURSE when a girl sent me a friend request, i would approve! Who wouldnt? LOL But we didnt communicate to each other at all. No comment, no private message. No nothing. For your information i had almost 1500 friends in my list, more than 50% of them were strangers! therefore its normal not to talk to her coz she's a stranger as well.

Until after a year, one day Sakinah sent me a comment, she wrote " Hi Aries (my nickname was Aries back then) you have been in my friend list for ages but we never really been contacted each other. I adore the photo of your background profile. The drawing is fantastic".
The background photo that she mentioned was NARUTO! Millions of thanks to Naruto, she dropped by and said hello to me.

So that is how it all started. Friendster and Naruto.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

awwhh... cpat2 sambung! :D

Anonymous said...

please continue the story.. :)

MA O said...

mane gmbar yang ade naruto tu bang.. ?