Monday, April 25, 2011

How i met my Sakinah. How i fallen in love with her (part 2)

Ok where did i stop? Hehe sorry for the long delay.

After Sakinah said "hi" to me for the first time in Friendster, i was wondering who she was and i hardly recalled when did i add her as my friend. I clicked on her profile and the first thing that attracted me was her paintings. I fell for her paintings straight away. I cant believe what i saw. I cant describe how adorable those paintings were. She was so small but what a big talent she had.

Since then, we started to reply comments almost everyday and this lasted for almost 2 weeks. From here i had the chance to get some information about her. She's living in Glasgow, her mother doing PhD in the UK, she has a big brother and a sister and she is an artist. I even said someday if i had a chance to visit Scotland, would she be my tour guide and she said Yes. But of course i was just asking i never even planned to visit Scotland.

Things were getting better between us, everyday i waited for her comments every time i opened my laptop the first thing i checked was my email, just to see if there is email "Sakinah Omar has sent you a comment". The truth was, every time i saw the email notification i couldn't help myself, my heart beating faster, i became nervous and can't wait to read them. Everyday, i looked at her Friendster profile, flipping through her photographs, and i realized, when i looked at those photos, i smiled.

(to be continued)


artist said...

how lovelyyy.. eeee how i missss :)
part 3 is next.. cant wait! pat2 :D

the artist said...

lets get back to Friendster

budakijaupendek said...

sweet :)

d'gazzpooll said...

hoe thoe