Saturday, July 16, 2011

How i met my Sakinah. How i fallen in love with her (part 3)

Hello everyone! Wow, its been a while. For the past few months i didnt have mood to write anything in my blog but suddenly tonight the mood came.

Ok lets move on.
Sakinah was the best thing ever happened in my life. I felt like the door was open for me to enter her life. Before meeting her i was heartbroken, i couldnt forget someone i love and i waited for her for 4 years. I was living in fantasy. But suddenly someone with the name Sakinah, she opened up my heart. I didnt know why and how but it just happened. I bet you guys know how it feels like when you fall in love for someone, all the feelings came back to me and they made me ALIVE! I stalked her Friendster everyday! So, now i have her Friendster and YM. But i forgot to add her at Myspace.

As her number 1 stalker i added her at Myspace but what i found was really shocking and it broke my heart,
"Sakinah Omar is in a relationship."
In that moment i felt like i was the loneliest person on earth. The first thing i did was to see who was the guy. I read all the comments between them. They were sweets. So sweets that you might get a diabetes. So what happened to me was, I completely lost hope. All my fantasies about being with her gone. And i decided, not to keep in touch with her.


sakinah said...

no la.. i was the one who added you on myspace, n i added u on ym too, n friendster too.. n fb baru perasan asyik sy je yg add awak..

dekkai said...


sambung laaa aku tunggu lama kot!

nananininunu said...

like the above comment.. cepat sambung!

hana yukino said...

Kelakar la kak kina. Comel betul >_<