Tuesday, June 15, 2010

London 11-13th June 10

I've been to London 3-4 times before this but this one was the best ever!
I met with my Uniten mates Mr Wui Jern Chew and Malcom Wee with another new friend studying in Soton, Mr ee How. We went to Trafalgar Square for World Cup 2010 opening, it was a coincidence actually. hehe

We stayed at Hyde Park Hostel which was located at Bayswater, Inverness Terrace. Trust me, that was the most horrible Hostel i've been at. The room was dirty, the bed and linen was brownish and on the 1st night, i didnt get a duvet. I was freezing to death!!

On the next day we went travelling all over London. The best part was, we went to London Bridge around 9pm. Spent our time around the bridge until 11.30. On the way back we'r all starving so we went to chicken cottage. Yum! yum! but! hehe there is but! once we get back to the tube station. The station was closed! the security told us to take bus no 27 to bayswater. Yeah thank god! we managed to get our bus. Only to find out at the end of the way, we'r heading towards a wrong direction! We took a 27 bus that going to the other direction. We waited at the wrong side of the bus stop. Hahahah

Ok we waited at Richmond bus station for about 20mins, we'll take our bus and safely reached Bayswater around 2am! we were all freaking tired! my legs were like soooo painful!

But it was worth it, i managed to capture some decent photos of Tower Bridge and Westminster Palace.

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kina said...

what a bad hostel! u didn't ask for a duvet from them?