Thursday, August 26, 2010

I almost forgotten my Blog

Hi dear friends, i've been busy lately. I have no time to spend for my blog. Just a few updates, i'm currently in the middle of semester and semester break would be on 6th september. I just finished a few of my mid term tests but i had another one after raya which is Structure steel design.

This semester i suddnely studying pretty hard, i mean not really hard but harder than previous semesters. Why? Coz i suddenly realised that, in one year time i'ma be a civil engineer insyaallah but my knowledge about Civil engineering is too narrow. By this time i should be able to do structure analysis with one eye but unfortunately im still crawling. I cant imagine what would it be like, if i were in the real working environment. I am totally DOOM!

Another update is..i'm still in love with Sakinah...hahahas everyday i love her more...and she loves me too dats the most important..the rest...i dont give a damn

okay i guess thats all...bye2

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