Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kick racism out

Our country has just celebrated its 52nd of independence day two days ago. For 52 years we live in peace and harmony with multi racial and cultural, but still after 52 years we cannot dispute the existence of racism in Malaysia.

Recently, i've been looking for a part time job through the websites such as promoter, cashier, draftman, freelance and so on. As i search for the job, i noticed one funny thing. That it is normal to see advertisements with " Chinese prefered/Chinese only" stated clearly in the attachment.

Apart from that, i once went to The Mines shopping mall and when i passed by a store, i read an advertisement written "Vacancy, Chinese only".
Luckily this is Malaysia because if we live in UK, this kind of advertisement is illegal and the company who done this can be sued.

If you go to goverment office, you'll see most of the employees and staffs are Malays. If you go to shopping mall, you'll see the place is dominated by Chinese and if you go to Astro or Maxis you'll find most of them are Indians.

I'm not trying to criticise anyone or being racist here but my point is how long we are going to live like this? Lets work together and kick Racism out of this country. You can start it from your neighbourhood and for students, start with your housemates :)

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Anonymous said...

oh tak penah perasan pulak sblum ni..
nanti awk kerja baik baik ye.. :)


Ashin said...

sayekan prihatin..hehe

dekkai said...

kat kedai mamak pun india
kat kedai tabib cina pun cina

mane org melayu pigi?


Ashin said...

Tu la..pelik aku.Tah mane org Melayu pegi..Aku pegi restoran bah kut teh pun semua cina