Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Uniten Cup 09/10

Redstar Belgrade

I'm not so into football coz i concentrate more in Badminton. But i'm currently taking part in Uniten Cup. The team name is Redstar Belgrade prefer to be called Bintang Merah. My position is Left Winger. I'm not so good in football actually but i just have the basic and the experience of playing as a team. When i was in standard 5 i joined the school team SK Sri langat my position was right winger and i was in the starting line-up. My elder bro playing along side me as a striker. I provided all the passing and he provided the goals. I remember in the final match, from the right wing side i crossed a long ball to him and he finished it with a header. And that goal made us the champions of Kuala Langat that year, 1999.

Now in 2009, after a decade i get back my old position. A winger! Its my preferred position bcos i can run pretty fast and dribble quite well. But i doubt about my passing and crossing ability, and my stamina is not up to a level that a football player should have. So far after two matches i've already scored one goal and one assist. And suprisingly, i scored in my Uniten Cup debut. Hehehe This thursday Redstar are going to play against Orlando pirates, if we win we through to the knock-out stage but if we lose, Good bye Uniten Cup. Wish me Luck!


kinanana said...

yayy go go syafiq!
go go redstar!

i like ur story abt ur match in 1999.
amazing brothers ;)

Ashin said...