Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final exams with 3 papers left

Its 6 in the morning, i just closed Structure Analysis book. I have 3 papers left, Structure analysis 2, soil and waste water & water. My programming paper, i cant tell how was it. The Section A and B was ok, B was easier than C. But i screwed up Section C. I think most of us screwed up that section.

I've tried to sleep but i just cant. I'm worried too much every time i closed my eyes, i kept thinking bout exams. Not Structure Analysis but Waste Water. I dont know how to score. The lecturer hates us. She didnt give any tips. Senior said she gave them tips for previous sems but not to us. Because she once warned the whole class coz ppl were talking while she was teaching and asked us to address her with her title doctor instead of Puan or madam. Im so scared. But 1 good thing bout being scared is, it makes me study harder! Sigh im so tired...okay dah subuh..i better solat now...

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