Monday, July 2, 2012

New place, New Zealand

Im staying in Lincoln in the region of Canterbury in New Zealand. I have been living here for a month now. Currently working at The Warehouse Distribution Centre. Many people asked me what am i actually doing in New Zealand. Actually i am now on vacation or it is called working holiday where you are given a visa to stay up to one year with a permission to work. Everything in NZ is freaking expensive. Not just the currency but the figure as well. For example, if the price of Bread is RM2.50 in Malaysia, the price here is 2.50$. The figure is the same however the currencies value is 2.5 higher than Malaysia Ringgit. NZ, its all about money. The only good thing about NZ is the minimum wages. In NZ you can expect to earn 14$ per hour if you work as general worker. But life here is no walk in the park. But that's experience. No pain no gain.

It is winter now. Temperature at night can down as low as -4C. But im getting used to it. I miss home too. I miss mom, brothers and sisters, friends and my love Sakinah. But its good to be a part sometimes. She can learn to live independently. Even im worried but its a good practice. Coz she always got into troubles. Thats what i love the most about her. She is vulnerable. Always need protection. 


marshmellow hot chocolate said...

part ujung tu mmg :)

Ashin said...

thank you.. :D