Friday, January 16, 2015

How i met my Sakinah. How i fell in love with her (Part 6)

It was Saturday, 30th May 2009. We all went to Malaysia Festival in Glasgow. Sakinah's family opened up a small kiosk which they'r selling heaps of Malaysian foods. And my task on that day was to help out with the selling and promoting. Sakinah was busy because she has her own booth of Batik Chanting. She's busy with visitors. Deep down i was hoping Sakinah would stay with us at the kiosk so that i would have more time to spend with her. But she didnt. She's always busy. Again, i was alone most of the time. She didnt realise from far behind, i looked at her all the time. The way she's painting, laughing, i wished to be her special one. But i was not. She did not even take a glance on me. How arrogant she was back then. But i knew, someday she'll be mine.

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