Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hat-rick Lost to Liverpool

The great Manchester United, after 11 unbeaten games finally they to Liverpool and that is for the 3rd times in a row. From the start of the season, United started very slow especially with the 30 mil striker Berbatov not up to expectation and the absence of Ronaldo has given a very big impact to the team. On the attacking side United are relying too much on Rooney whereby on the wing side they relying on "The Welshman Ryan Giggs". Ya, i agree with the critics that United find it very hard to score goals since the depart of Ronaldo. That is very true but one thing you have to remember, who was Ronaldo before he was brought to ManU at the age of 17. Remember who discovered him and lead him to what he is now? Its Manchester United. So don't worry about what happen next, because we know all the youngsters that SAF has brought into the team now, will be the next future stars that worth millions. Obertan, Ljajic, Fabio, rafael ,macheda ,tosic ,Welbeck, these unknown kids are the one who will replace the likes of Giggs, Ronaldo, Scholes, Neville, Ferdinand and just to name a few. United are still in good condition, the result shows everything. 11 unbeaten games before lost to liverpool who have already lost 4 games. We might not win the league this season, Chelsea are looking very strong with the players they have. But more seasons to come. Dont worry, new stars will be born.

Liverpool did well at Anfield, United were Vulnerable without Fletcher and Ji Sung Park. These two men will give big impact in defensive and attacking. The men who not knowing the meaning of stop running until the game is over. Let see what changes that they could bring when they come back. Hargreaves is about to return to the 1st team. I suppose he is the one who gonna take the set-piece responsibility. His free kick is awesome!

I don't know what would happen to Liverpool, with the 30 mils offer from Real Madrid for Gerrard (we all know Real Madrid are always get their man ), and the speculation of Torres to leave the club. The unstable position of Rafa Benitez, and Youth? Do they have any? hahaha all craps. They should start thinking to build up their youth system just like United and Arsenal. What would happen to them next? I have a feeling that this season, the big four will change and their side are the most vulnerable one ( lost 4 games already).

All i want to do is wait until the end of the season. Look who's on top and who's leaving the big four.

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