Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Micheal Owen progress

The United no7 has limited time to play for United so far. But today he has scored his 3rd goal for United. Micheal Owen is a fantastic player. You can say that he is actually better than Berbatov. He just need more time to settle in. Since his signing as United player, he has only played for 118mins yet he has scored 2 goals for United. Yes, 2 goals maybe are not much but compare to the Boss first choice, Dimitar Berbatov who has already played for 516mins but only has 3 goals so far of the season. Tonight Micheal Owen score his 3rd goal of his United career in the Carling Cup and if that goal to be counted, he has score goals as much as Berbatov did this season so far which is the total of 3 goals.

Just look at how he gave impact to the match against Liverpool on last Sunday. He came on as a sub in the last min but look at how he changed the game. His running caused a lot of troubles to Liverpool defense. The way he controlled the ball and then set up for Valencia, it could've been an equaliser unfortunately the cross bar saved Liverpool. And today against Barnsley, he was terrific! He was very much involved in every attacks. He beats 3 Barnsley defenders before scoring his 3rd goal for united. Congrats Owen!

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