Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lets talk Football, Liverpool

After 4 consecutive lost, they overcomed United at Anfield with 2-0 win. But what happen after that? They lost 2 games in a row. A disgraceful lost at Fulham. As i expected, Liverpool is the most threaten club among big four now plus Rafa's career at Anfield is now in doubt. During the game at Craven Cottage against Fulham he substituted Torres and Benayoun and the manager was "boo" by his own supporters and you can say that its about time he leaves Liverpool. This wednesday they will face Lyon at Olympique Lyonnes without Torres who is out for 2 months due to injury and possibly without the captain Gerrard. Their position is at stake, if they lose to Lyon and at the same time Fiorentina beat Debrecen, that means Liverpool's Champions League Campaign is over!

I can confidently say that Liverpool's title race for BPL is already over because they've lost 5 games so far, and they've blown away their Carling Cup when they lost to Arsenal and they are about to walk out of Champions League Campaign. The only cup that left is FA Cup. Will they win any? Will wait and see. Liverpool will finally walk alone without trophy. Hahahahaha

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