Monday, November 9, 2009

Fantastic United suffer defeat at Stamford Bridge

If you were a Chelsea fan, you could've expected a better performance from Chelsea at Stamford bridge. I always thought that Essien is better than "Xavi" from Barcelona, but it was clear that United's midfield Carrick and Fletcher executed Essien and Lampard to perfection. 1-0 is not a bad result for United. It was a 50-50 game and you knew it, United created better chances. Unfortunately Chelsea win a "cheap free kick" and Brown and Evans couldnt stopped Terry from scoring. But Evans is still young and Brown has been sidelined for quite some time. They did very well. Nobody could expect that United could play this good at Stamford Bridge. But they did. It would be more interesting if they win but a win is a win and Chelsea deserved the 3 points. I dont know how to describe this game but it was almost a perfect game for United if they have won it. Look at Fletcher, Carrick, Rooney, Brown and Evans. Look properly how did they play tonight. Look at how they Shut drogba and Lampard down. Look at how the Chelsea fans reacted when Obertan fancied Ivanovic. Look at how Evra beat Ashley Cole everytime he ran down the wing side. Look at how Fletcher beat Essien. I didnt expect United can play that well but it is frustrating when your team play well but end up losing. Yes i know, United arent as strong as last season. But United is always the best in England and everyone knows it.

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