Friday, November 20, 2009

MASISWA Games 2009

MASISWA games is over. This year Uniten were crowned as MASISWA Champions. But we, the Uniten Badminton team only managed to win 2nd place. We lost to UTAR in the final. They have the advantage from their womens single and doubles. Since my first time joining the Uniten team, we have no good female players. We only need one girl, to steal at least a point in women's single and dont worry, the guys will settle the rest because we have pretty strong mens single and doubles. As i promised, i'm retiring after this competition. MASISWA was my last badminton competition. So, goodbye Uniten team.


XiaoShen-Phang vs FiFi-Phang said...

why retire? u are not old enuf.

cahaya wawa said...

retire bdminton?? mcm dah pencen je bunyik..

Ashin said...

bcos i've lost interest in badminton..i have no time to training coz i have to work..