Monday, January 26, 2009

The most successful manager in British football history

Sir Alex Ferguson, after more than two decades in charge of the Red Devils, winning 30 trophies for United, he is the most successful manager in British football history.Among of all clubs in BPL, there's only two managers that i'm sure the true legend for the club, Sir Alex Ferguson of Man Utd & Arsene Wenger of Arsenal. These two managers have brought a lot of trophies for their respective clubs and that's why they'r still manage the clubs after years.Before this i was quite sure that someday Jose Mourinho is joining these two guys but unfotunately he's been sacked by the owner of Chelsea.There's no need to talk about Rafa of Liverpool because obviously he is nowhere near these guys.

Some people might think that the true strength of Sir Alex is because Man Utd have the ability to sign big stars.Thanks to the fans, Man Utd is a rich club.Sir Alex can afford to spend money almost two times compared to Liverpool & Arsenal.That is one of his big advantage.But here you have to remember that Man City and Chelsea are much richer than Man Utd. In a short period of time, City now have a lot of stars in the team not to mention Chelsea. But Sir Alex proved that money is not everything. After all its the strategies and tactics decide who is winning the game.Chelsea were beaten by United 3-0 while City lost 1-0 to United (eventhough they are richer than United).You see here money is not everything in football. Millions of money without an extraordinary manager won't promise anything. Both of them must come together. Sir Alex is great because the way he sets up his players with his ability to keep balance in formation. Still remember the game against Chelsea on 11th Jan? Before the game starts everyone doubted Sir Alex's strategy on that night. He played Giggsy & Fletcher in the midfield instead of Carrick & Scholes who were left on the bench. But he proved that he is a superb tactician by winning the game 3-0. Other than that, no one sees the ability of Fletcher and Park rather than just running on the pitch but this season these guys have involved in the first eleven regularly and as you can see now the way Sir Alex uses his players has brought Man Utd on top of the table. Can anyone tell me why bother to play Park when you have Nani on the bench? I have no idea neither. But Sir Alex knows what best for the team.

I believe money is not everything in Football. Just look at how Martin O'neal and Arsene Wenger managed to compete with other big clubs with low budgets. Actually is not that low but compared to United, Chelsea and City, they are way behind them. Mr Wenger ability is to nurture stars with limited budgets. His spendings per season is nowhere near Sir Alex. But if he has the money as much as Sir Alex does, don't you think he'll do the same thing. I'm sure he's gonna spend millions of pounds for big stars and talented players.

I believe Sir Alex and Mr Wenger both aware of that. Both of them realized about the importance of young players in the team. In Arsenal, you can say that the whole team are young. That's why they'r called "The young gunners". Mr Wenger bought them with low prices from out of nowhere. Before this nobody knows these players but now they'r major threat in the league. That's why people say Mr Wenger true ability is to nurture young stars.The same goes to Sir Alex. Don't forget who discovered the legendary of Giggs and Beckham. It's Sir Alex Ferguson! He created a lot of legends along his career. And some of them have even became managers for other clubs and i believe more to come. Now you see why he is the most successful manager in British football history. That's just his history, let bygone be bygone. Now lets talk about his spendings. Some people compared the way Mr Wenger & Sir Alex buy young players. They say Sir Alex signs young players just like Mr Wenger but the different is he signs those who are already well-known for their abilities and talents such as Nani & Anderson (stop dreaming if you wanna sign them with 4 or 5 millions pounds). But remember that Sir Alex also signed youngsters like Adem Llajic, Zoran tosic, the Da Silva brothers Rafael & Fabio, Ritchie De Laet, Possebon and so on. Who are they? I never heard about them before. Not to mention other youngsters such as Campbell, Gibson, Evans and Welbeck who have done their parts in the first team and they were outstandings. Some of these guys someday are going to be stars in football world. Just like what Sir Alex has done to Giggs and Beckham.

p/s : i'm not interested to talk much about Rafa since he has proved his stupidity against Wigan

The King of Europe

Sir Alex ferguson


nurussyahida said...

ya..i agree with u..
plus football is not all about d game is a business..people pay to see their fav player play in d only the best manager can do it..
with money ofcourse..
he must be gud at business n coaching too..

Ashin said...

cant agree more..

meorsyukri said...

glory!! glory!! manchester united!!