Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Full Marks for Civil Rules group!

This is our rebuild super duper catapult. 3 hours needed to finish it and the cost is around RM15. Our previous catapult was able to fire a tennis ball for 15 meters but after several trials, its breaking apart due to high tension of the elastic. This time we replaced the woods with thicker one for higher strength to resist the tension of the elastic. But still we sticked with the original plan and based on the concept of consecutive energy and projectile motion.

This catapult is able to fire a tennis ball approximately 25-30 meters with 1/3 degree of accuracy. Many thanks to Jen and Azri for staying up with me, burning up the midnight oil to settle everything. Eventually our efforts are not in vain. Full marks for the longest distance and full marks for the accuracy, can't ask for more.


xiaoshen said...

wah, so geng meh?

Ashin said...

yala..our catapult can fires the longest distance therefore we got full marks for it.and accuracy too..