Monday, March 16, 2009

Mechanics dynamics : Catapult project

Finally after a few hours, we finished our catapult project. It looks ugly but don't judge by its looks. It can fires a tennis ball approximately around 15 meters away or maybe more. But since we do not have a tennis ball we simply used my hair wax. I hope at least to get 8 marks out of 10. The size is 12x12x12 inch. We use the concept of conservation energy and momentum is being considered as well. The main objective of this project is how far and how accurate, therefore we don't give a damn shit about the looks. This Catapult will be tested on this Tuesday. Semoga berjaya!

Group name : Civil Rules
Members : Syafiq scofield aka ashin aka aries, Chek Liang sama ,Jen aka Matt Jen Bellamy aka Jenab and finally our materials supplier Faiz aka Panjang or sometimes pendek.

Under construction

Chek Liang sama is pretending to help us. His duty is only to come up with a formula and report since he's a genius.

Weapons used to build up the catapult (Hp jen tu menyemak je)

70% finish

80% finish

90% finish

The final part is to set up the compass for accuracy. The theory is simple, we set up the angle of the pedal and we know how far the ball can goes. p/s : the indicator senget skit la..

Done! Who cares bout the looks. As long as it can fires the ball. 10 marks aje mah.Tak payah susah-susah sangat.

Thanks to Jen,Tan and tak lupe jugak Mr.Panjang walaupun hanya datang sekadar tunjuk muka.haha

This project is easy.The hardest part is to minimize the noise ketika drilling and kerja ketuk mengetuk dijalankan since kami tinggal di condo yg ramai mak cik2 dan pak cik2 yg kuat marah. Rumah ni dah 3 kali kene sound dgn jiran sbb bising. Sampai security pun datang sound. Bukan kami tak nak buat kerja waktu siang,siang kami pegi kelas malam je la free.

p/s : kepada group2 yg belum siap jgn curi idea kami ok. Terutama sekali Suvicha Kung Fu Cha yg secara terang-terangan mengaku nak curi idea. Haram jadah tol..


xiaoshen said...

does it really work?

Ashin said...

of course!!

meorsyukri said...


next time blanje nando's