Friday, April 24, 2009

Journey to the Theatre of Dreams (22/4/09)

The theatre of dreams

Venue: Old Trafford, United vs Portsmouth

First time being here. Its like a dream come true. 10 places to visit before i die, Old Trafford is one of them. A long-awaited dream, i finally have the chance to watch United playing LIVE! RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!. Its like a bonus to me. Do you know how it feels like? Its INDESCRIBABLE! The atmosphere, the crowd, the sound of people singing and chanting, United! United! United! Its incredibly amazing.

When the first time i saw the field through the entrance tunnel, i was like "OMG, i can see the field". Once i stepped my feet inside the stadium, i can see all the players. They'r warming up. Gary, Giggsy, Wayne, Fletcher, Anderson, Ronaldo, all of them were right in front of me. They were right in front of me! I was looking for the korean star Park Ji Sung but unlucky, he wasnt there. He must be rested for the next game on Saturday. I felt a little dissapointed.

Once the game started, everyone's chanting for United. I sang along with them but i only know a few lines. But its funny to hear when United took the lead by 2 goals, the fans were chanting, " Are you watching? Are you watching? Merseyside! ". Final score, United two, Portsmouth nile. I enjoyed every single moment and every seconds of my time being here, in Old Trafford. Thanks to Abang Hafis! :) for making my dream come true. I'm crying the tears of happiness. I'll be back here someday.

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P/S: Masih muda lagi ni, baru 21 tahun. Need to explore the world more :p

Tempat duduk kat North Stand (Circled)

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