Friday, April 3, 2009

A scene of heartbreaking ending

I can't believe that this sem is really over. We'r leaving this place and back to our hometowns. Leaving this place for almost 3 months. 3 months without you guys i'm gonna be bored to death. You guys are already apart of me, we talk, we laugh, we eat, we play, we struggle, we go anywhere together. We spent the night together, burning the mid night oil together. I'm gonna miss you guys! To Azri : Lose some weights and keep smoking. Smoking is best way to lose weight. To Jen : Be careful with your bike. Go slow on the road.
To Tan : Do not forget all the bahasa melayu that we taught you. Dont forget that you'r 50% malay. When i'm not around, please make sure you take a shower AT LEAST once a day. To Ejat : I'll find you the wife that you asked for. :p

p/s : Guys, dont forget to breath.


syera sharon said...


happy holiday! ;)

Ashin said...

first time syera leave comment kat cni..happy holiday syera!!! jumpe lagi 3 bulan..

Kourue said...

keep smoking? hoho..

dekkai said...

to ceri: i lap u :*

to ijad: i lap u too bebeh :*

Ashin said...

untuk aku takde ke dekai?

syera sharon said...

aku slalu laa berniat nk taruk komen tp xpenah rajin nk buat.. haha

lg2 tgk ecah comel :D

ko hol kt uk kn nnt? aku nk kirim ubat gigi leh x? huahuahuaaa