Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barca Reign in Europe

Final score: Barca 2-o United (Eto'o 10minMessi 70)

The anticipated result finally came true. As a Man Utd fan, i always hate Barca. Not because they beat us. I hate them because they are unstoppable. Eventhough United defeat them last season, but it was obvious that luck was on United side. Today's match ended up with Barca bring the glory to Nou Camp. United did well today but Barca were 2 times better. In the whole game Barca win the ball possession with 53 while United 47. Therefore, it wasnt a one sided game. Both team created chances, Barca with 12 shots while United with 11 shots. But after all, Barca deserved the trophy. Before the match started i was wondering if United are gonna play the same way like Chelsea did which is total defensive but they werent. So at least we lost with pride. People can't say " Even with 10 defenders United couldnt stop Barca breaking through". People keep comparing between Messi and Ronaldo but to me the player who has given the biggest impact in the game was iniesta. Not only in this game but in every matches he had played, he is the key of winning. He can play in the center, he can play wide in the winger. His passing, his dribbling, his movement, the way he finds space, the way he drags the defenders to give more space for the striker and especially his understandings with his team, he is brilliant!. For me he is perfect. I believe he can score more goals than Eto'o and Messi, but he needs to be a little bit selfish. There was one time when he had a clear chance to shoot but he passed the ball to Eto'o. After the match, a reporter asked him, why didnt he score? and he said "Eto'o wants to score the most goals in La Liga". After a few games, he did it again but this time he passed the ball to Messi to score. And after being asked, he said " Messi hasnt scored goals for the previous few games". I believe, if he score more goals he's gonna be awarded the best player in the world. As a Man Utd fan, congrats Barca but the revenge will come. And don't forget United are still the best in England. Not because they've won the league this season, but they won the league for the 3rd season in a row!. Good Job Sir Alex!

p/s: Kepada kelab Big four BPL who havent won any trophies this season, i pity your fans. Better luck next time :)

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