Thursday, July 2, 2009


Only 2 days left and then i'm going back to Malaysia. My flight is on Saturday, 6.10 pm. Time flies, its nearly 3 months already. I love UK, but i love Malaysia more. That's where i belong. I'm looking forward to see my mother and friends. Breakfast at mamak, milo panas and nasi lemak. Badminton training at Serdang, battling Fifa with housemates, wake up at 8 for classes, arguing with Tan over little things, football in the evening, go to sate kajang at 2 in the morning, lunch at upten, sleeping together with friends in the living room, pasar malam on Sunday, doing revision with classmates, conteng meja during classes, movie and karaoke on weekend. I miss these things. Yup, surely i'm gonna miss Nottingham especially Aisyah & Imran. I love them and i know they love me too. University will be opened on Monday, shit! i think i'ma need to rest for few days. I'm planning to skip the first week, minggu pertama aje maa,mane ade ape sangat. Paling-paling pun intro untuk course outline aje. Oh shit! I forgot! tak beli souvenirs tuk Dr Rahayu, dia bagi aku A geology tu. haha nak rasuah die lagi ni, silap-silap dia amik aku masuk research team die. :p hehehe
Guys, wait for me. Balik ni kite meronggeng..

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