Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's been a long time i havent feeling sad.Things i do to get rid of the feeling.

1) I go to library and read books eventhough i hate it.
2) If i'm in Banting i'll go to the beach and watch people fishing.
3) Watch lumba haram on saturday night.
4) Riding a motobike in town without wearing helmet so that the cops will chase me.
5) Fighting
6) Drive my car to a lonely road and shout as hard as i like.
7) Go out for badminton training and smash the shuttle with full swing.
8) Shout for every single point i win.
9) Hit the wall with my bare hand.
12)Look at Ecah & Imran pics or watch their videos.
13)Send a stupid message to my mom. "Lari!Jepun menyerang malaya".She'll reply me.
14)Tell Tan that my heart is broken so that he'll laughs at me.He won't believes me.
15)Tell someone that i love him.I wanna marry him.(Most of the time to Tan)
16)Sit on the tv and watch the sofa
17)Stare at my friends while they'r sleeping early morning.
18)Talk to myself in the mirror.
19)Singing Jay Chou songs.
20)I end up hurting myself

p/s : I'm not a gay i'm just pretending to be one.


wani said...

apo-apo lah uncle ini... study molek2.. nanti leh datang sini jenguk aisyah imran

xiaoshen said...

owh.. all are good ones except hurting urself..k?

Ashin said...

not ok

marshmellow hot chocolate said...

huhu..u make me laugh..

nurussyahida said...

my diagnosis is right..
still remember?